Kristin has an unparalleled passion for her city, history, properties and communities.
Meet Kristin Armstrong

Meet Kristin Armstrong

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”
– Douglas Adams

Kristin is a valued member of the Dexter Associates Realty team, working with Karen Ashby and Christina Ashby (, expert Realtors with many years of experience providing exceptional service in the Vancouver market.

Kristin holds her Juris Doctor from Bond University, in Queensland, Australia, as well as her Canadian legal accreditation from the National Committee on Accreditation from the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, but is not licensed to practice law in BC.  During law school, she found property law to be exciting; which prompted her to embrace a career in real estate, back home in Vancouver.

Thinking of Buying or Selling?

You need to find a realtor who listens to your needs, knows the real estate market, and always keeps your interests front and centre. It is my job to guide you through this complicated process, from beginning to end.